‘Bugger the boxing. Just pour the concrete anyway.’

That’s the mantra by which Ian Taylor and his amazingly talented Animation Research Ltd team have operated for the last 30 years – a recipe which has seen the company and its founder honoured the world over.

Ian was the speaker at the year’s final Club Otago lunch and enthused our members and their guests with tales of derring-do (as in agreeing to produce a television commercial for American Airlines when they had never made one in ARL’s short existence to that point), of the breakthroughs in technology (ARL’s first computer cost $15,000 and has just 1GB of memory: today’s mobile ‘phones have significantly more capacity at a fraction of the cost) and of the ability of 3D printers to produce almost anything, including other 3D printers.

The crowning glory of Ian’s address though was his unbridled passion for the proposed Steamer Basin development.

The audience was the first publicly to view architect Damien van Brandenburg’s models and, backed by the ARL-produced flyover and 3D animation, the response was one of positivity. Ian left everyone feeling very good about Dunedin and its place in the world. He received a standing ovation.

Photo by Adam Binns Photography