The last photo taken of Sophie, the day she was successfully interviewed for a job with the Treasury in Wellington

On the day she was due to leave for Wellington and a job with the Treasury, 22-year-old Sophie Elliott was brutally murdered, stabbed 216 times by an ex-boyfriend.

The year’s final Club Otago lunch will feature Lesley Elliott, Sophie’s mother and founder of the Sophie Elliott Foundation, as our guest speaker.

Sophie was murdered in January 2008 and while her death remains a tragedy and has taken a terrible toll on her family, the Sophie Elliott Foundation is a story of great strides being made in raising the awareness of partner abuse.

In a wide-ranging Q & A, Lesley will outline the progress made in identifying and countering the emotional and physical abuse to which young people can be susceptible. The 15 to 24-year age group is especially at risk in New Zealand.

The lunch will be held in the Glenroy Auditorium on Tuesday, 27th November.

For further information, please contact the Foundation’s Events Manager Steve Davie – 027 437 0335,