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 RD Petroleum Fuel Card

The Otago Medical Research Foundation and RD Petroleum offers supporters to chance to make significant savings on your fuel bills – both personal and company.

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Payless Energy

Payless Energy Ltd, a 100% Dunedin owned and operated electricity retailer that is offering the cheapest electricity prices in Dunedin (see Consumer Powerswitch price comparison) is making an offer we’re keen to pass on.

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Kiwi Karma

Next time you travel, please consider booking your accommodation through Only on Kiwi Karma can you easily find, compare and book from over 3,200 places nationwide – from backpackers to luxury lodges. The room rates on Kiwi Karma are comparable to all other travel sites.
The big difference is that at no extra cost to you 5-8% of the room rate goes to the Otago Medical Research Foundation.