Otago Medical Research Fondation fuel card

Why pay the pump price? Save at least 11 cents per litre with a Foundation fuel card – in partnership with RD logo-rdpetroleumPetroleum.

With the summer holidays not far off, the Otago Medical Research Foundation and RD Petroleum offers supporters to chance to make significant savings on your fuel bills – both personal and company.

As well as access at BP service stations and Gasoline Alley sites throughout the country, our fuel cards have 24/7 access to an ever increasing network of rural service sites across the South Island.

Towing your boat to Wanaka or Queenstown? For those travelling and filling up outside of the metropolitan areas, the savings are even greater – around 15 cents a litre when bought in Cromwell, 17 cents a litre in Wanaka and 18 cents a litre cheaper in Queenstown.

The offer also benefits the Otago Medical Research Foundation. For every litre that goes through the fuel cards, a percentage is donated to the Foundation while 50% of the $20.00 annual fee goes back to the Foundation as well.

The cards can be used throughout New Zealand.

If you are interested in a fuel card in partnership with the Otago Medical Research Foundation then please contact Director of Development Steve Davie (03/4778977, 027/4370335, stevedavie@xtra.co.nz) and he will provide you with the relevant application forms.

This offer is also extended to your family and trusted friends, and to your management and staff if you see as appropriate.