Otago Medical Research Foundation Fuel Card

With fuel prices soaring, now is a great time to sign up to the Foundation’s fuel card which will save you a minimum of 11 cents a litre each and every day!

Issued in association with RD Petroleum, the Foundation’s cards can be used for both personal and company travelling at BP service stations and Gasoline Alley sites throughout the country 24/7 and at a growing number of rural services sites across the South Island.

For those filling up outside of the metropolitan areas, the savings are even greater – around 15 cents per litre in Cromwell, 17 cpl in Wanaka and 18 cpl in Queenstown. Travel to the west coast of the South Island or the east coast of the North Island and the value increases to a higher level again.

Using the cards creates a win/win/win situation – you, the motorist, pays less; RD Petroleum, a terrific Foundation supporter, generates business; and the Foundation receives a percentage of sales as well as 50% of the $20 annual fee. There are no other administrative charges.

If you want more information or are interested in accessing the Foundation’s RD Petroleum fuel card, please contact info@omrf.org.nz, or fill out and submit the forms below.

This offer is also extended to your family and trusted friends, and to your management and staff as you see as appropriate.